Brengo, connect...

Paying no attention to a crowd. People are coming hither and thither.
Many of them enter my sight, as many of them go behind city objects.
Nothing to lay an eye upon, it is all grey and monotonously weaving.
Every one throws a shadow of the same dull color. It makes the mob
even more numerous blurring individuals out. That's a picture.

Turned around a corner of some tall brick building and found it quite
spacious and not that populous. An open area with few rare bushes.
I swear that slowly walking disabled man with a walking stick just
turned this way a moment ago, to my surprize he is not anywhere here.
Which way could he exit this place? Nowhere to hide if suppose he has
a reason to. That's an incident.

Did I really see him in a street? No doubt there was nothing
significant in his view to look at. Although he perhaps could have
passed this way, it is very unlikely I would notice him, there are
hundreds of people swaying around in all directions. That's an

Absoultely sure I did see him while it is absurdical to believe
myself. Have to admit I witnessed a ghost. That's a name.

That's an opinion.

Tringo, AC-DP-9WA