RECV EDC:    19DEC2018
CRC:         1214412995      2698
No  contact, but  life hasn't  been dull.  On a  whim, while
scanning a system for Wells, I decided to have a forger deck
the hull  of the Xero Carbon  out as a research  vessel from
the  not-so-illustrious Nereidian  Academy of  Intergalactic
Allometry. Ages ago, a handful  of investors came out of the
woodworks in  support of  a crazy idea:  that pharmaceutical
corporations would need research and data to accurately dose
human-targeted drugs  for alien  life forms. The  "Nerd Ack"
was born, with immense funding and impressive fanfare.

Unfortunately for all those  who invested, the school proved
to  be  a  political  and scientific  sham.  After  numerous
delays,  it launched  a ridiculously  large fleet  of ships,
then promptly went bankrupt.  The school sold their existing
assets to  the well-known Disciples Of  Rogkthu Corporation,
a  pseudo-scientific  group  of  zealots  from  the  ancient
Rogkthugian religion  ("Forever-life to the Follower, in the
name of Rogkthu I command it!" as they are known to say.)

Of course  the Rogkthugians,  being acutely aware  of  their
lack  of  popularity in  systems  that  knew anything  about
them, decided  that their proselyting efforts  would be more
effective if  people didn't see  them coming. So,  they left
the  Neredian Academy  of Intergalactic  Allometry logo  and
markings in place  on the entire fleet, and  sent them forth
far  and wide  in the  quadrant, to  share their  message of
eternal  hope (or  eternal damnation,  depending on  how you

Today, many ESR's later, everyone with sense knows that when
they see a Nerd Ack  ship, it's time to scramble life-signal
readings and turn  off the porch light.  It's ignominious to
sport  the  markings,  perhaps,  but  it's  about  the  most
effective disguise one  could possibly hope to  achieve in a
universe where intelligent life takes almost nothing at face
value.  To  avoid  preaching,  life  forms  will  do  almost

Hopefully  I  don't  encounter   any  K'iklikameen;  they're 
still sporting over the  Rogkthugian  genocide of TalMandeen 
K'iklik, and they'd likely  annihilate  me on sight. Mostly, 
though, I think  I'll be fine. Ships  have  been turning the 
other  way and  punching  full-throttle,  even the  normally 
aggressive ones.                                            

Wells  hasn't  transmitted  recently.  I guess  he  said  he
wouldn't. If I can't locate him  soon, I may have to turn to
drastic measures. He can't possibly know how important he is
to the Corporation, what they think he's done, and what they
think he  has. If I don't  find him first, he  might as well
convert to Rogkthu and move to K'iklikam.