RECV EDC:    11DEC2018
CRC:         1345930833      2292
I did some penetration testing on the QEC, just to see if 
the Corporation might have a chance at intrusion, but the 
system is tight. I used to chase penetration bounties for 
the Corporation, so systems and security are a comfort zone. 
I'm confident that these transmissions are safe.

No contact with Wells. He did transmit again on the DSN, but 
no real information. Knowing him, I'd say he sounds bad off, 
but it's hard to tell without hearing his voice. I have a 
few guesses on his destination; if the solar winds are 
favorable, I'll check on those hunches soon. Still no 
indication he's reading here, but he might not say in a DSN 
transmission, as his keys there are old. He's being cryptic 
on purpose, though it sounds like what he wants to say, he 
intends for all to hear. In any case, I can at least tell 
that he needs a break.

Since travel is slow for me presently, maybe I need a break 
from thinking about all this too. The payload I have onboard 
makes that a bit difficult; I can hardly stop thinking 
about it. I really need Wells to figure it out.

One pleasant distraction as I've been traveling through 
systems that I haven't visited in many ESR's are the myriad 
ships that I've encountered. The QEC seems to be highly 
utilized, at least for the type of channel it is. Though a 
ship like mine isn't likely to draw much attention as I move 
about, it's interesting to monitor the chatter from the 
other vessels. Some I've even seen on my scopes. Some are 
friendly, others not as much. It's odd what causes offense 
in the universe, and how some beings handle that offense.

I just set my nav for my first guess at Wells' new hiding 
spot. Thrust is reasonable, equipment is sound, and I hope 
to reach port in not too many sleep units.

A plea, before I transmit this stream of thought: Old 
friends and business associates, if you locate Wells and 
he doesn't terminate you for it, please reach out on one of 
the old back channels. It's hard to trust anyone, but if I 
hear from you in an established way, I'll know the 
information is legitimate. As always, there will be a reward 
and a handshake for your help.