RECV EDC:    10DEC2018
CRC:         3998495586      2208
Wells isn't going to like what I've done with his rig. The 
propulsion systems had to go; that bit he'll understand. The 
main cargo hold was dropped too, and that's going to really 
fry his dzungalis. Still, the ship doesn't look half bad 
with the solar sails deployed, though it's not quite as 
menacing as it was when we were piloting it together once 
upon a time.

I've renamed the beast too. It's the Xero Carbon Wells now, 
named after him, more or less. He won't get it right away, 
and he won't laugh when he does. But it's poetic in a way, I 

The mods were requisite. There's no way I could parade 
around the segment in Wells' old setup without bringing down 
a firestorm of Corporation bots. Plus, they money I got 
selling parts helped me pay off the heavy costs that the 
scrubbers wanted to extract from me for cleansing his 
bio-signature. It had to be done. We can spruce the ship up 
again sometime, make it into whatever we need it to be. 
Hopefully Wells has the credits stashed away somewhere.

This transmission is being reflected off the QEC[1]. They're 
generously taking the huge risk of offending every corrupt 
corporation-goverment in the tri-system by providing open 
communication channels to folks like me. Wells doesn't know 
about the QEC, otherwise he'd be using them too. Maybe he 
doesn't trust them, I don't know. He's using the old terrian 
DSN reflectors[2], which are unwittingly open to all 
transmission without source tagging. It's his style to use 
the old channels, and it makes him easy enough to hear from 
if you know where to point your dish.

My hope is that he'll at least be monitoring the QEC, 
otherwise I don't know if he'll realize I'm attempting to 
trace him. When he doesn't want to be traced, he isn't, so 
my only chance is that he'll find me.

I'll keep transmitting here, Wells. Find a way to signal me, 
or just mysteriously show up on your old ship like you used 
to do. I've got something critical to share with you.

[1] gopher://cosmic.voyage:70/1
[2] gopher://