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Subject: Re: Re: Hoffnung

Of course I agree that this most recent communication is extremely
concerning. We on the board of Voortrekker GmbH are of one mind that
our investors' generous contributions will not be squandered in such

But, Connie, you must understand, and help your board understand as
well, that matters here are not entirely in hand at this time, and
that such a state of affairs is only to be expected. It is, frankly
speaking, all but a miracle that any of us survived, and certainly
a testament to the skills and dedication of the shipwrights at
Venture Yard.

As a result, the entire board of Voortrekker GmbH survived the
crash, as did a quorum of directors among the ship's own command
structure. However, the illness that has arisen among all survivors
of the crash has cast our situation here into some disarray. While
I am working to regather the scattered strands of our hierarchy and
organize the survivors of the crew into a functional and productive
whole, this process can be expected to require a good deal of time
and care.

That said: You, and the board of Ross 128 Ventures, may find
reassurance in the knowledge that I have already begun to implement
the information control policies which we privately discussed prior
to departure. As soon as I am able to ascertain whether any of our
information systems engineers survive, I will act to ensure
complete implementation of those policies and directives.

Based on the tone of your prior communication, I must ask if you
can confirm receipt of my prior reports, sent prior to the onset of
the coma from which I've recently reemerged. My impression at this
time is that the understanding back home, of events on Voortrekker
and Ross 128 b, may be substantially incomplete, and I feel that
that may cause unnecessary confusion and delay in understanding the
nature of our situation here.

You should have several prior communications from me, the most
recent being dated August 31 and September 2 (Earth
reference). Please respond with a list of the reports you have
received from me since July 25 (Earth reference), and I will resend
any you do not have. I'd like to circle back on this discussion
once the board has been apprised of their content and had the
opportunity to consider what instructions to provide. Thank you,
and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nikolaos Soloviev
Director of the Board, Voortrekker GmbH
(a wholly owned subsidiary of Ross 128 Ventures, LLC)