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Subject: Chat Log sam <-> anine

sam: you there?
anine: [Away: Thursday: biweekly directorate review]


anine: yeah i know, it took me a minute to wind it up and get out
sam: look i don't care just whyt he FUCK did you not TELL ME

anine: listen. i'm really sorry but there's something very wrong
anine: she was right, we got SCARS updates through most of the descent
anine: and they don't make any sense
anine: look, give me a minute

sam: well?
[anine Quit: sec]
sam: FUCK

[anine Join: back]
anine: okay, i'm off the work network.
anine: i shouldn't be telling you anything right now.
anine: can i trust you?
sam: thats a hell of a question from you right now

anine: i know, i'm sorry, okay? but this could be my job, or
anine: look, forget it, you deserve to know. i shouldve told you
anine: i mean i know you and she broke it off but all the same.
sam: who told you we broke it off
sam: we had one fight

anine: okay okay let me get to the point i can't sit in this stall all
anine: but before i do that
anine: i really am sorry, i should've trusted you, can you forgive me?

sam: not right now.

anine: fair enough.

anine: so like i said, something is very wrong with voortrekker and
 that planet. the scars data DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. she said the
 pilot said something hit them that they didn't see?
anine: their radar says they saw it. they tracked it all the way in
 from a half million kilometers out. it wasn't even moving that fast.

anine: they got lerts about it too. sscars event log shows initial
 proximity alert, then nine minutes later possible collision warning,
 then impact alarms nine minutes after that, thirty secondds alter the
 impact event.
anine: alerts*
anine: seconds*
sam: what

anine: there had to be alarms going off all over main control, there
 is nO WAY they could not have known they were in danger, and even if
 they didn't
sam: ok but they were in manual by then right
anine: no
anine: the nav systems were still running in program auto, theyd idn't
 go manual until after the hit
anine: the ship should've taken ITSELF out of the way, they had to go
 out of their way to override it

anine: and SCARS doesn't show them doing it
anine: and it would
anine: that's what we don't understand, even if someone went crazy and
 saotasged the ship why do all that and not just disable the whole
 sender, we'd think it was lost or something then
anine: sabotaged*

anine: so none of this makes any sense

sam: i guess not

anine: and then there's this weird stuff she sent
sam: you can say her fucking name, okay?
sam: it's been 25 years not like i'm still going to be mad
anine: okay okaty
anine: fine
anine: this weird stuff KIT sent
sam: thank you. go on

anine: i mean this disease she's talking about, that doesn't make
 sense either
anine: nothing works like that, it's not even biomechanically
sam: she's a xenobiologist, you know better than her?
anine: ok fine but we have those too and they say i'ts bullshit
anine: and  that last part
anine: i had to look up muscular hydrostats
sam: tentacles
anine: yeah

sam: she says she shas four fo them instead of legs now
anine: right
anine: talk about bullshit, there is no way
anine: i asked our people here
anine: i called the xeno institute and asked people theret o
anine: every one fo them said there is no way in any world that a
 human body can have tentacles

anine: something about hydrostatic presusre and circulation and
sam: you're just saying words
anine: i dont pretend to understand it but come on do you really think
 this makes any kind of sense
anine: i don't know what's going on out there but it has to be some
 kind of mental thing
sam: don't you dare
sam: don't you FUCKING DARE

sam: i knew you'd do this as soon as i sent it to you
sam: i don' tknow what's going on out there either
sam: but you knew kit as well as i did
sam: better
anine: look i know i'm not sayingit's her FAULT
sam: "some kind of mental thing

sam: you think she went stir crazy out there and did something to
 crash the ship and now she's making up crazy stuff
sam: you probably thinks he killed the people whog ot sicka dn died
anine: yeah about that
sam: oh whAT THE FUCK
anine: we're pretty sure they're not dead

sam: what

anine: you know they all had implanted biomonitors right?
anine: all the expedition crews do, those are big ships and people can
 get lost or hurt and not be able to call for help
sam: ok and
sam: oh bullshit

anine: we get telemetry packet sfrom the ship on those
anine: most of the trackers are still showing active
anine: not the people who died in the crash, the ones she said got sick
anine: 247 out of 313 right now
anine: slow pulse, slow respiration, almost no brain activty

anine: they're comatose but alive
anine: ti's the other ones that really worry us
anine: they're NOT online
anine: but the last signals we got were
anine: i mean they don't make sense

sam: you are saying that a lot
sam: it's your job to fucking make it make sense
anine: i know, okay? i know that
anine: were trying, we were going to cancel anyway for a call with
 xeno institute before i heard from you
sam: but you werne't going to tell me anything?

anine: look i'm sorry okay i don't know
anine: i don't know what to do
anine: were probably going to have to call the garison and that's
anine: something went wrong with the gliese mission i dont knwo but we
 keep getting stuff
anine: i think theyre building a ship over in the navy dock, i cant
 see much from the shuttle but a lto of new work

anine: im just really scared right now everything is going wrong and
 earth is probably going to get involved
anine: i didnt know what to do and i fucked it up
anine: im so sorry i shouldve said something i just couldnt think im

anine: please say something
sam: sorry im crygn

sam: crying*
sam: im sorry i got so mad just
sam: whatever else is going on she's alive
sam: i was sure she was dead
anine: we dont know she's not
anine: im sorry

anine: we dont have her tracker shes one of the ones we lost

sam: what does that mean
anine: i dont know
anine: look whatever i find out ill get it tok you ok
anine: ill tell you
anine: ill make sure you know

sam: look if the ganymede garrison and earth are getting involved
sam: i mean i do WANT to know
sam: but i want you to stay sfae too
sam: saef*
sam: SAFE fuck

anine: i miss her too

sam: look well figure it out ok?
sam: when do you rotate out next
anine: end of next week
sam: ok
sam: come see me then we'll talk it over
anine: god and sleep on that lumpy couch of yours?
anine: my bakck was killing me for a week

sam: not what i had in mind
anine: oh
anine: well

sam: look dry your eyes and go back to work
sam: you dont want people looking at you funny right now
anine: youre right
anine: ok

anine: i'll come see you and we'll figure this out.
sam: right
sam: till then you take care, dont do anything stupid
anine: me?

[anine: Quit: bye]

[sam: Quit: ]