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Subject: Chat Log kit, anine, sam

kit: hello?

anine: kit hi!
sam: is that you?
kit: yes it's really me!
anine: i thought you couldnt chat from there!

kit: not in flight! it tied up the qec too much
kit: but when i heard you got hurt i talked to director soloviev
 and he said it was ok since we aren't using the qec much any more
kit: are you ok? what happened?

anine: i'm ok!
kit: sam said you got hurt bad
anine: bruises mostly
anine: also i lost part of my left leg
kit: oh my god what
anine: below the knee. it's okay! i'm okay

kit: how can you say that? your leg oh no
anine: Kit. Take a breath.
anine: I'm really okay. I promise.
kit: but
kit: i really like your legs!

anine: hahahahaha kit i love you so much
sam: so kit, this jen you've spoken so well of, is that jennifer
kit: yeah, why?
sam: well, i'm not there to swat you for what you just said, so...

kit: haha i bet she would! i mean, i don't exactly have a butt any
 more, but she'd find a way
kit: god i miss you both so much
sam: i miss you too, ma petite!
anine: me too!
kit: wish i was there with you

kit: curled up with you both on that awful couch
sam: us too
anine: we're on titan right now though! no awful couches in sight
kit: oh wow, titan? what's it like?
anine: well, the hospital is nice
anine: they're taking good care of me, and the amenities are

sam: ah. i'm an amenity
anine: my favorite amenity!
anine: other than that i haven't seen much
kit: not up and around yet?
anine: well, as much as i can be with only the one foot
anine: that complicates things a little!

kit: it would, wouldn't it.
kit: i'm sorry
anine: don't be.
anine: i mean this is weird and i hate it and i'm not really okay
 with it yet sure but
anine: if i can make light of it anyway, why shouldn't you?
anine: besides, i want to laugh now, i have to get evaluated for a
 prosthetic in a little while
anine: and that wont be fun

kit: ooh, nerve mapping, i bet it won't be
anine: we really should come out there to ross
anine: i mean, on the one hand, we get to see you again
anine: on the other, i hear legs aren't always a problem there
anine: i wanted to ask...what's that like?
sam: we're both wondering!
anine: i mean if it's ok to ask

kit: no, it's okay! uh

kit: i mean at first i felt like i *should* feel like something's
 wrong i guess? i mean ive always had legs, and then i suddenly
 didn't, and you'd think that would really upset me, right?
kit: or like
kit: amelia, so, your leg...
kit: does it feel like it's still there sometimes?

anine: oh god all the time! that's the weirdest part like my brain
 still hasn't got used to it either and keeps imagining it's still
 there and it *itches*
kit: yeah, i've read that, phantom limb syndrome
anine: yeah, that's what they called it
kit: and that seems like it should happen here too, right? i mean
 i've got tentacles now where i used to have legs, shouldn't i feel
 like my legs are still there somehow?

kit: i never did though, not even when i woke up
kit: i mean i was surprised, but it didn't feel *wrong*, i didn't
 feel like i was missing parts, or like my tentacles weren't part
 of me somehow
kit: which honestly was among the weirder parts of that day, i kept
 thinking i should be horrified and i kept just...not being
kit: and i mean

kit: a lot of that had to do with how i feel about the other
 changes, i mean i don't even know how to start explaining how
 wonderful that was to wake up to!
anine: sweetie you don't have to!
sam: i won't say we understand, ma petite, we can't know what it's
 like. but we are both so happy for you!
anine: yes we are!

kit: aw yo utwo
kit: i dont knwo

kit: i don't know what i ever did to deserve either of you
kit: to deserve you both? that's a lifetime's worth of good luck
 for this girl
anine: you hush. luck has nothing to do with it.
sam: you should give yourself the credit you're due, ma petite.

kit: you know, you're right
sam: we are!
anine: but when did you ever admit that?
sam: you have changed!
kit: yeah i have! i wish the QEC could send pictures
kit: i mean i look *good* now
kit: tentacles and all!

kit: which is nice since we still haven't really figured out how to
 make clothes work for ourselves yet
kit: shirts are ok and i guess skirts or something but we mostly
 just don't bother and no one seems to care
anine: hahahaha i wish i could see you! we both do!
kit: well, if you can get places in the third expedition...

kit: how are things back home? some of the rumors going around are
 a little scary
sam: it's not good.
anine: i came back from ganymede on a lunar ship, and an earth ship
 tried to stop us partway to luna. the captain didn't stop so they
 shot at us
kit: what
kit: that's how you got hurt?
anine: yeah
kit: oh no

sam: yeah. no one's done any more shooting yet, but it's just a
 matter of time
sam: earthgov probably hasn't made up their mind on what to do yet,
 that's always such a mess, and anyway they're worrying about mars
 right now too
sam: and we don't *want* a war, we're not trying to make this any
 worse than it is already
sam: but we're almost certainly about to have one whether we want
 it or not

kit: oh god
kit: but at least you're on titan, we heard about the alliance but
 it's so far out, i mean
sam: that's the thinking right now, yeah, it'd be very hard for
 earth to hit here, especially with their fleet split
kit: god i wish you were here SO BAD
kit: we're still putting everything back together but at least it's
 safe here

anine: us too, sweetie. us too.
kit: what's happening on mars?
sam: no one's really sure but it sounds like the talks broke down,
 earth's saying it was sabotage, the belt's calling it a labor
 uprising, no one really knows what to think
kit: maybe it'll keep earth so busy they can't make any more
anine: we can hope...

anine: well, it's just about time for my torture session.
kit: oh no, that makes it sound even worse
anine: i'm kidding! it won't be that bad
sam: it had better not be. i'm going to be sitting right next to
 the tech the whole time, one yell and he's going to have a very
 bad afternoon
anine: i'll be fine! use your words

sam: i will!
sam: "neckhold" is a word
anine: aaaaaaa what am i ever going to do with you
kit: kiss her!
kit: and then kiss her again for me
anine: yes'm

anine: done
kit: that took a while!
kit: good.
kit: good luck with the nerve mapping, lia! and to both of you, and
 stay safe, please
kit: don't go making me worry than i'm already going to
sam: we wont. promise!
anine: oops, there's the nurse
kit: ok! more news later when i can! love you both!
anine: love you too!
sam: nous t'aimons beaucoup, ma petite!

[anine: Quit: i'll yell if i feel like it]

[sam: Quit: and i'll strangle a medtech if i feel like it!]

[kit: Quit: well now i'm not worried at *all*]