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Subject: Special Report: Luna and Titan Announce Alliance
Date: 13 Sep 2421 09:03:23 +0000
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Universe Today has just received the following release from Titan
Dome One. Further bulletins as events warrant.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE             Contact: treatyquestions@titan.org
September 13, 2421                         treatyquestions@luna.gov

                  Luna and Titan Announce Alliance

Titan Dome One - The governments of the Luna Free State and the
Autonomous Voluntary Community of Titan are pleased today to
jointly announce that they have ratified a treaty of alliance.

Plenipotentiary representatives throughout the negotiations
included Vasu Soon-kit, Deputy Administrator of the Luna Free
State, and Drahoslava Branislav, Titan's current product owner for
International Integration. With the support of their respective
teams, they have worked unceasingly toward this outcome for several

Major terms of the treaty include:

· a bilateral military support agreement specifically covering
defensive engagements;

· Lunar provision of economic support to Titan, including highly
favorable terms and strong economic incentives to Lunarian cargo
lines for shipment of Titanian cargo in Lunarian bottoms;

· Titanian provision to Luna of full engineering documentation for
the FTL drive, a team experienced with the technology, and access
to Titanian shipyard and drydock facilities.

Publication of the full treaty document will follow this
announcement. Readers are cautioned to remember that, in any case
of conflict or confusion between this announcement and the treaty
document proper, the latter will control.

"Titan and Luna have always been friends," said Branislav, "and
this agreement serves as a strong enabler for closer and more
mutually beneficial relations in future. We've been receiving
highly positive feedback from our development team leads since the
first LoI, and I'm excited to begin gathering requirements for our
inaugural projects."

"Indeed, this treaty has come at an excellent time for both Luna
and Titan," said Vasu. "With access to insystem markets, Titan's
economy can develop without further suppressive interference. And
with shared access to FTL drive technology, we may finally achieve
a place among equals in the diaspora now commencing."

Questions and inquiries may be directed to
treatyquestions@titan.org and treatyquestions@luna.gov. Messages
received by either will be shared among both.