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September 5 (UPI) - Former president of Earth, Anders Maxwell, in a
September 4 appearance on "This Week Tonight" discounted persistent
rumors that the governments of Luna and Titan will soon announce an

"Look," a visibly agitated Maxwell said. "Even if we're going to
grant these secessionist, scofflaw regimes the courtesy of being
called governments, there is no chance they're going to throw in
together. After all the time and effort they spent insisting they
owed nothing to Earth and should be allowed to do just as they
please regardless of any effect it might have on the mother planet,
to imagine that either of them might turn around now and give the
other, or anyone, a veto over any action they might choose to
take - it's frankly absurd."

Maxwell dismissed claims of increased traffic between Titan and
Luna as merely economic in nature. "Smuggling, that's what they're
doing," Maxwell said. "Dodging the Titan embargo. Well, we'll see
about that. I have it on good authority that the General Assembly
is considering a bill to extend that embargo to Luna. Let's see how
they do when neither of them has any more access to insystem
markets, and all they can do is sell to rock-hopping belter scum
and those layabout Martian miners."

Reached for comment, a spokesman for Public Information noted that
Maxwell has recently returned to public life from a five-year term
of custodial supervision imposed following his impeachment for
peculation, and no longer has any role in government. "We
appreciate Mr. Maxwell's prior service, despite its ignoble end,"
the spokesman said. "His current statements are those of a private
individual, and cannot be taken as representative of any position
Earth's government may or may not have on this or any other


September 6 (UPI) - In response to rumors of a military buildup
ahead of a widely predicted Moon-Titan treaty announcement, a
spokeswoman from Earth's Office of Public Information addressed a
press conference with this firm statement:

"The President has recently become aware of rumors swirling around
various in- and out-system bulletins about potential responses to
the political situation between Earth, Earth's moon, and the FTL
research colony on Titan.

"Let me be clear: Rumors of a military buildup are categorically
false. We are actively investigating these claims, and expect soon
to report that we have identified their origin. In the meantime,
our representatives to Earth's moon and the Titan colony have been
instructed to communicate to their counterparts our most sincere
wishes for continued peaceful relations."

The spokeswoman declined to entertain questions.


September 7 (MNN) - Today begins the fourth month of the Martian
mining guilds' general strike, with no sign of substantive
concessions from either side. Martian governor Reinhard Ritter,
backed by a squad of armed guards, made an appearance outside Red
Rock Guild headquarters to warn guild leaders that they are
"risking strong measures" unless they resolve to come to the
negotiating table very soon.

"The Martian Trust has listened in the past to your legitimate
concerns, and we will do so again," Governor Ritter said in a
prepared statement. "We understand that a degree of give and take
is necessary for a productive working relationship. However, we
will not forever tolerate work stoppages, sabotage, and other
undisciplined manifestations of directionless unrest. I beseech
you: Do not make it necessary for the Trust to investigate options
beyond amicable resolution."

A representative of the Red Rock Guild responded, in a statement
directly to Mars Newsnet, that Governor Ritter's claims amount to
"a self-serving denial of the lethally dangerous working
conditions, and the lack of medical and economic support for the
hard-working Martian labor force, which have driven us to take
these measures in defense of our lives and our loved ones."

Asked for comment on these statements, the Martian Trust
headquarters in Chicago said only that they have complete
confidence in Governor Ritter's ability to "effectively resolve"
the situation, and that the governor has the full support of the
Martian Trust.

Shortly before press time, a self-described spokesperson for Ceres
Hollow sent a recorded statement which, as far as could be
understood, expressed strong support for the Martian guilds'
position, and threatened "dire consequences" should the Martian
Trust resort to coercion. Reached for brief comment on the
retaliatory claim, retired wing general and military analyst Nathan
Coopersmith described it as "nonsense".


September 7 (UPI) - In the latest blow to the prospects of the
Green Ganymede Project, radiation flares produced by fluctuations
in Jupiter's upper cloud layers have "severely impacted" the
viability of the project's pilot farm domes.

"We're still working to understand the full extent of the damage,"
the project's engineering head said today. "It will take some time
to be certain, but at this point we're not confident that any of
this season's crops will survive. We're already seeing germline
mutations and outright inviability of some specimens across all our
species, including the radiation-hardened cultivars."

The joint project between Earth and Earth's moon has seen a number
of setbacks over recent months. This is the seventh crop failure in
the project's two years of operation, and commentators across the
inner planets have suggested that farming on Ganymede may prove
fundamentally unworkable. Supporters argue that not enough time has
passed to make any final determination possible, and a spokesman
for the External Resource Administration said that Earth's position
in the project will not change as a result of this latest bad news.

"We have identified the largest single cause of Earth's resource
crisis as the investment of resources in outer system colonies,"
the spokesman said in a prepared statement. "The Green Ganymede
Project offers a real prospect of redressing this imbalance by
enabling the outer system to return some measure of those resources
and help speed Earth's recovery. We will work to ensure the project
succeeds in every way we can."

In after-hours trading today, Archer DuPont Monsanto stock dropped
over three percent on the news.


September 8 (UPI) - The Fertility Society of Earth today reported
that total births thus far across the planet are less than half the
society's target projection for the year to date. Analysts say this
tracks with the general birthrate trend over the last fifty years,
but the Society strikes a cautionary note:

"As Earth's economy, climate, and biosphere continue to recover in
accord with government projections," said a Fertility Society
spokeswoman, "it is disappointing that our citizens' birth rates
continue to lag behind. Sustaining and expanding our current growth
requires that we produce a sufficient labor and tax base to do the
work that lies ahead. If we will not make the necessary sacrifices,
we cannot expect to maintain the preeminence throughout the system
that humanity's cradle deserves."

Shortly before press time, the Internal Resource Administration
released this prepared statement: "In line with economic goals for
2422 and the first half of this decade more generally, next year's
individual responsibility surcharge will increase by 25% for
citizens filing singly and 15% for members of married couples
filing jointly. An increase to family subsidy refunds is currently
under consideration. As always, we remind the populace of Earth
that the surest way to prosperity, for each of us and all together,
is a large and healthy family."


September 8 (UPI) - A spokesman for the Population Administration's
Landmass Optimization Office stated today that recent claims of
rioting among newly rehoused residents of the Wyoming New Prospects
Facility are "false reporting".

"While some isolated incidents have occurred among members of the
August and September intake classes, these incidents are just that:
isolated. The recent claims by fringe commentators of a general
outbreak of violence contain no truth whatsoever, and such false
reporting only imperils the vitally important goals of the
optimization project as a whole. Our targeted intervention teams
are as always prepared to ensure the safety and security of all
residents both within the New Prospects Facility and outside it,"
the spokesman said in a prepared statement.

When asked about reports of ongoing resource shortfalls among
private contractors tasked with supplying subsistence supplies and
agricultural equipment to the facility, the spokesman declined to
confirm or deny, stating that federal privilege applies to all
information about contract negotiations in progress.


September 9 (Investors Daily) - At a press conference this morning,
Koenraad Gertodtenhaupt, a senior vice president of Ross 128
Ventures, LLC, stated firmly that there is no truth in recent Lunar
claims of a colony ship crash.

The ship in question is 'Voortrekker', a prototype torch ship which
for the last 25 years has been en route to the nearby star Ross 128.
For the past several weeks, various sources close to the Lunar
government have claimed that 'Voortrekker' did not, in fact,
recently land on its target planet, but instead crashed there with
the loss of much of its crew.

In a brief statement at the entrance of the historic Chrysler
Building, where the Ross 128 firm has its offices, Gertodtenhaupt

"The board of Ross 128 Ventures wishes most firmly to dissuade
these rumors regarding our friends aboard Voortrekker. The ship
made planetfall just over a month ago, and her former crew are hard
at work in the early stages of developing one of the first
permanent human habitations outside Earth's own solar system."

"We are in regular QEC contact with our friends at Ross 128,"
Gertodtenhaupt continued. "at all levels up to and including Nick
Soloviev, the chairman of Voortrekker's own board. Nothing we have
heard inclines us to confirm the dangerous and irresponsible rumors
spread by sources on Earth's moon who should know better than to
claim such falsehoods are true news. Such actions can only
complicate the colonists' work, and strike fear into the hearts of
their families and loved ones back home."

Gertodtenhaupt took no questions before reentering the building.


September 10 (UPI) - In the wake of sexual malconduct allegations
made against conductor Watanabe Fezile by several musicians now
under his baton, the Three Planets Reinforced Symphony announced
today that their interplanetary tour is "suspended", with Watanabe
and his accusers recalled to Earth for talks potentially leading to
arbitration of the claims.

"We regret the necessity of this action," said a spokesman for the
Three Planets board. "We must, however, treat these claims with
utmost gravity, and we're sure our audiences will understand."

At press time, no statement had been made regarding alternate tour
dates or refunds.


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