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Sure! Just finishing up the day right now. Give me a couple hours?

From: Sameen Lee <sameen.lee@recoveryinstitute.org>
To: Amelia Nine <anine@expeditionsupport.gov>
Date: Monday, September 6, 2421 3:32pm
Subject: Fw: Re: Not alone!

You got Kit's latest - here's my answer. Want to chat?

From: Sameen Lee
To: Chris Maldonado
Date: Monday, September 6, 2421 2:51pm
Subject: Re: Not alone!

(I hope you get this OK. I know there's some kind of information
control going on out there. Whoever's in charge of it, I hope they
decide to let this through...)

Of course I want to hear from you, Kit! Of course I do.

And I'm sorry I haven't sent you anything before now. I was so, so
glad when I heard you made it through okay! But I was scared you
might still be angry with me, too. I didn't make it easy for you,
back before you left. You were right to blame me for that. I
thought you might not be feeling quite yourself when you sent that
first message. I didn't want to use that to put you in a false
position. I'm sorry for that.

But, yes! I want to hear from you. I want more than that. I want to
be with you! I wanted to come with you when you left. I couldn't
and I hated myself for that. I knew you needed to go. I didn't want
you to. And I made it hard for you because I couldn't deal with
that. I still don't know how. But talking with you, even this way,
makes it a little easier. I hope that doesn't make it harder for

And I'd love to know more about what it's like out there,
too. Anything you want to tell me. It sounds very strange. Your
legs - your new legs? What is that even like? What else changed? I
can guess from some of the things you said, but I don't want to
guess. I want you to tell me. Will you do that? It's okay if you
won't. Whatever you do want to tell me, I want to know!

I'll hope to hear from you soon. It might be a little while before
I can write more to you. Things are very busy here lately and it
looks like they'll keep getting more so. But as soon as I can. I'm
sorry if it takes me a while. But please don't worry if it does.

Amelia sends her love, and her hopes that we can all be together
again some day. It'll be a long wait. But she misses you and she
knows you're worth waiting for. I do, too.

I know it's hard for everyone there, and I know how you get when
there's work you need to do. But you've been through a lot, you
know. As much as you can, take care of yourself and get your
strength back. I don't want to get out there to find you've wasted
away to a shadow of your proper self! That will make me very cross.

Until next time, Amelia sends her love, and so do I.

- Sam