From: vp1d30-σ <vp1d30-σ@trap8.ltc.vhep>
To: Laketown Command <ltc@ltc.vhep>
To: VHEP Council <councillors@council.vhep>
Delivered-To: Laketown Command <ltc@ltc.vhep>
Received: from relay2.qec1.rs001.l4.earthsys.gov
    by mta3.ltc.vhep
    with ESMTPS id Ac376e177bdfcaFe
    for <ltc@ltc.vhep>
Received: from relay5.qec2.ganymede.earthsys.gov
    by relay2.qec1.rs001.l4.earthsys.gov
Received: from qec3.helio.earthsys.gov
    by relay5.qec2.ganymede.earthsys.gov
Received: from qec.trap8.ltc.vhep
    by qec3.helio.earthsys.gov
Date-Local: 29 Mar 2436 2019 GSRT +0015y
Date: 19 Dec 2463 17:27:44 +0042y
Subject: Status Report 3
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf8"

VHE-0j0 Relay Station Eta Status Report

Relay Functions ................................................[99%]

Stealth Procedure 7 ......................................[in effect]

                                                  Passive Observation
vp0e44-κ reports a broad-spectrum radio communication detected from
the direction of VHE-0d3 (idx.51 Pegasi). Signals intensity is dim and
slowly increasing. Manual reconstruction, modal translation, and
transcription for message performed by vp0e44-κ. Requesting automatic
signals reconstruction, modal translation, and transcription.
Initiating systems attention requisition. Relay client 0003
designation assigned.
Signals frequencies listed below. Requesting historical mission
archive read and write access.
[recv'd & transcribed by vp0e44-κ @ relay station VHE-0j0-η         ]
[recv'd on 100Hz+-15Hz, 112.358Hz, 112.358KHz, 33.33MHz, 66.66MHz   ]
[radio     112.358MHz, 121.5MHz, 130.167MHz, 143.625MHz, 244.30MHz  ]
[freqs.    358.13MHz, 581.321MHz, 633.9MHz, 922.7MHz, 2113.853MHz   ]

                                                          Crew Status
Aster-Α reports having had a disturbing dream again.
vp0e44-κ reports feelings of excitement about the signals discovery.

miniVISR 0x798α reports all crew member assessments indicate sleep
cycle completion, recreation period, and vp0e44-κ's recent signals
discovery have increased crew morale indicators by an average of 12%.

miniVISR 0x798α announces the games tournament round 2.

Crew consensus established the following conditions:
Each round of competition shall require a different game. No
Card-games and chess-alikes unless neither or both opponents are
swarms. The two lowest-scoring contenders will move ahead from the
first 3 rounds. The games shall be ordered in reverse chronological
order from contemporary to ancient.

Round 2 - μ-μ Rocket
Players race to organize supply chains for Silurian remittances being
sent by rocket to competing factions at the Silurian colony on Luna.
The rockets cannot launch until they are full, so each player must
direct the flow of cargo for successive rockets in the alloted time.
The winner is the player who successfully launches the most rockets.
Opponents can interfere with each other by employing the Grumpy, an
orbital laser platform. Opponents can also assign spies to distract
the rocket pilots with surprise Purr attacks, as well as by jumping
upon the control panels to redirect the rockets and steal the cargo
for their own faction.

Round 2 Roster
vp1d30-σ     Tug-48λ     Tug-44σ(*)     Aster-Α
Aster-Γ      Aster-Ε     Aster-Α        Har-33ι

(*) Tug-44σ withdraws before first move. Har-33ι promoted to face
    Aster-Α in round 2.

Round 2 Winners
Aster-Γ     Tug-48λ     Aster-Α
7343MT      1438.4MT    7255.3MT    Cargo Launched
6215MT      1400MT      7000MT      Cargo Landed

Round 2 Sneaker Roster
vp1d30-σ    Har-33ι
5334MT      1247.2MT                Cargo Launched
2247MT      700MT                   Cargo Landed

miniVISR 0x798α reports some commentary from the crew:
vp1d30-σ has mixed feelings about moving on to round 3 as the sneaker.
Aster-Ε won't underestimate Tug-48λ again.