To: ULTRAGAS corporation, Kampala, Uganda, Earths/SOL
From: Juan Sladkowski

I just arrived to Theia filling station. I found it in a horrible mess:

Deceased franchise operator Black was stored in the ice cream fridge
wrapped in the plastic wrap. Repair man Gruber was destilling his own alcohol
bewerage from detergents. I was unable to locate cleaning lady Dubois
and Gruber reported she is probably visiting her lover in the nearby
sand mine. In the backyard there was a small alien ship and nobody was
able to explain me how it get there.

I ordered to load Black's body to cargo ship and fly it back to Earth
for burial. Before new franchise operator is found, I will act in
day-to-day operation of Theia filling station.

Juan Sladkowski
ULTRAGAS interstellar dept.