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I broke it. I was trying to understand a bit more on how humans were able to
come up with such advanced devices like the QEC. From what I know about humans,
they were rather in a primitive state when the built the first QEC. That does
not really compute. Some parts of the device are well within the range of their
technological knowledge of the time, but some are way too advanced in

The causal loop oscillator for example is not something you would expect from
early humans. While they were actually progressing fast on the science front,
way too many individuals were still intellectually at stone age level. Some even
believed in some sort of superior beings watching them and taking care of them,
or something like that, even against every fact that were in front of them.

Yeah. No. In order to understand (and yet to build) a causal loop oscillator,
you necessarily need all of the brain power of a species. This cannot be
discovered by a single individual, and Humans don't possess a hive mind. Only a
really advanced and united species could come up with this.

I broke it because the wiring was... Exotic to say the least. It seemed almost
like it worked by accident and the people working on it just could not
understand why, gave up, and left it this way.

To their credits, it took me a while to figure out how it could work *this way*.

So now it's fixed, but it just unravelled even more questions. Did humanity
invented the QEC, or did they discover it? And more importantly, if so, *who*
invented it?

[/trsnltn ray:99HGV84]