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[trsnltn ray:7YYG20]

I finally got my hands on a working QEC transmitter. I've been drifting
cluelessly for so long, that this new found device is a relief. But let me
introduce myself. I'm Axl. I've been inserted into the Stream during the Dark
Age, when mostly only black holes are left. I am a child of Humanity, but not
really human anymore. I am statistically from the infinitely far future of
anyone reading this message. 

It's a nice thing humans discovered QEC...  I mean, it was the start of a series
of discoveries that changed the fate of the Universe itself forever...

But anyways. During my ageless sliding along the Stream, I found a region of
spacetime that I never noticed before. In it, was the remains of a ship named
the UEA Axion. Probably a scientific expedition, but it is hard to tell. I tried
to look into the past of that region, in order to gather intel, but to no avail.
It was like this region had no past, no causal link with anything. Not a single
bit of quantum information was left around the ship before the "time" (we still lack
of a better word...) I found it. It makes no sense.

But this QEC device changes it all. What an old piece tech! It took me way too
many cycles to understand how to fix all the antic mechanisms necessary to
operate the machinery needed to extract the information from the inner quantum
causal loop. This machine would need many additional studies in itself. It is
quite remarkable how humans were able to build a working apparatus like that
with such primitives technologies.

And now that it works, and that I can transmit, we'll see if I can reach
someone.  Because now, I need help to understand what happened on the Axion and
why it is at the heart of such a unprecedented anomaly in spacetime. If anyone
is aware of events outside of the ordinary near the center of ARP 148, please
kindly respond to this message.

[/trsnltn end:7YYG20]