Merideth, do you realize what time it is right now? I was trying to sleep. Also, 
what were you doing up this late anyways?

Okay, there's a new message from the quantum communitator. So what? It happens
all the time. I can deal with this in the morning, also turn the transmitter 
off, there's no reason for us to broadcast this conversation.

Sure, technically you are now able to make judgement calls on the transmitter 
since you are an executive member of this department, it still doesn't make 
sense to share this with the whole universe. Also, the story is different how?

Who cares if someone says that nothing is real and nobody exists? If I told you 
that a few hours ago you wouldn't bat an eyelash, but the moment someone from 
space says it suddenly it must be true?

What do you mean you "feel" like you are in a story? What would that even feel 
like? I don't have time for this right now, I'm going back to sleep. If you are 
still worried about this in the morning we can talk about it more then. And for 
the last time, turn the transmitter off!