Microphone check. Testing testing 1 2 3. Hmph. This is trial number 5873 for 
testing communications using quantum mechanics and ... Oh my God it's 
transmitting. Merideth! I just invented quantum communications! This is going 
to change everythin--... Wait. Merideth, I just got a response. Oh, and there's 
even more coming in! Umm, a lot more. Melchizedek, adrestia, Starbloom, another 
from Melchizedek... I guess I'm not the first to discover this after all? Oh, 
hold on, the first article is dated for the year 3781. That's weird... or is it? 
Never mind, now is not the time for this. I need to inform the General, he is 
NOT going to believe this! Hey, Merideth, you turned the microphone off, rig--