Vessel: J. Titor
Log entry: 01

I am still trying to figure everything out, but i think this console here is 
some sort of combined communications and logging device... i should really
read the manual, but on the other hand, they should not have put me in this
ship without at least a bit of rudimentary training. "You will learn on the
way" they said, "nothing too complicated" they said, "think of it as training
on the job" they said... hah, have you ever tried to use a zero-g toilet 
without at least a hint how it functions? Took me hours to clean up...

Ehm, i am rambling, what i wanted to say is (especially to my "adivsor" at the
job centre): I have settled in and i will NOT quit this job anytime soon (would
be a bit foolish 1,5 LY away from home, wouldn't it?), tomorrow i will reach
the right coordinates to make the first of my sheduled time jumps, i will report 
back after i completed it.