Valval met me at foods after work today. 
We all call it that but it’s really called "the commissary of edibilities". 
Come on, with a name like that, you would call it “foods” too. We both know it.

Speaking of you, I should give you a name, my beautiful bundle of paper. 

How about 美丽 !

If course, my Měilì, you can object at any time and I’ll call you something else.

Oh yes, Valval met me at foods and we were talking about the end of classes. 
It’s so hard for me to believe its over and we won’t be seeing each other every day anymore.

I won’t miss that 婊子 bbsee. 
I hope her assignment is in a black hole. 
Can you believe that on our LAST day of class she managed to rip my stocking and didn’t even apologize? 
I had to spend an hour in the fab room, again, fixing it. 
I didn’t tell anyone, but I was crying the whole time too. She ruins everything. 
I ended up missing the beginning of the graduation ceremony since its “formal dress” so I couldn’t go there without my stockings.

Since I’m telling you secrets, I hate my stockings so much. 
They itch and feel rough and aren’t the right colors anymore, 
but we don’t have the material for new ones so I needed to use recycled fabric.

Maybe one day, if I’m REALLY good in the radio room, I’ll get stockings that make me look pretty AND feel good.

Got to go