>>> Begin retransmitted logs:


5th day of the month of the lion

This is my first day working in the logs room. 
Can you believe it? I passed my classes and when they handed out the assignments, I got this!

I stepped through the holy incantations of the sending of the log, 
perfectly as ordered on the first try.

First you say the prayer of connection.
then you thank the Emperor.
then you turn the tran key to on.
then when the “tran state” light turns red and it says “Trn FaiL”,
say the blessing of hope till it turns off
then once it turns off you turn the key back to off.

I found this perfect diary paper to take my notes on. 
it says "log transmission paper", 
but it's all stiff and old and I'm sure no one will miss it.
So I’m going to keep you updated on my life!
This is going to be so much fun.