>>>N-UUCP, based on T-UUCP
`\020SRly001 options\000'
`S log025424.txt log025424.txt TSNSOH 0666'

`SY start'

Station Master’s note -

This is the final log dump from the metroship "The sun never sets on hope" relayed from npxx rl 7.

There will be no further transmissions from the metroship, and I've updated the official records to show that it has been lost with all hands. 
May God have mercy on their souls.

After much thought, I've decided to relay the transmissions as I received them, despite the unorthodox format and tone.

I’m going to have to relay them using the manual transmitter due to the incorrect transmitter encoding used, 
so it might take a while for all the logs to reach you.