Ship			: The Neptunian Mite
Log			: 003
Date			: 2203-11-07
Time			: 11:29:08
User			: CHENG Kovach
Ship flight hours	: 340569
Transcription		: WeiTai Systems AI 16.1
Accuracy		: 93.1%

##### Transcription start ####

Chief engineer Kovach first entry.

We're on our way to our closest approach of the Sun. The hull temp is
already skyrocketing and we're still two days away from our closest
approach. Currently we're at... [T: pause] yeah, 64.8% of max outer
hull temperature.

The cap claims that we were refitted with a hull coating, but I didn't
see any activity on the outer hull while we were in dry dock. I'm
pretty sure he's just spewing hogwash to keep the cute comms officer
from freaking out. Not that there'd be anything romantic mind you,
he's just looking out for the crew. Plus it's a heck easier to fly
with calm people than a bunch of hysterical meatbags.

So far the refit has held up pretty good and I've only had to change
one plasma valve since we departed. Looks like I may actually have
time to relax on this trip, assuming we don't burn to a cinder in a
few days.

I was asking the cap. about the pay for hauling the dung. But
apparently it's a crap job and won't pay much. Says it's just a quick
haul so we can get to Dione and get better contracts there. I'll need
to ask around when we dock on Dione and check that I'm getting my fair
share. No screwing over old Kovach!

##### Transcription end ####