Ship			: The Neptunian Mite
Log			: 002
Date			: 2203-11-05
Time			: 08:12:09
User			: COMMO Neumann
Ship flight hours	: 340518
Transcription		: WeiTai Systems AI 16.1
Accuracy		: 98.7%

##### Transcription start ####

This is my first log entry for this trip. I'm comms officer Felicia

I got up for an early shift today because we're going to do a close
pass of the Sun. This is very exciting and I wouldn't miss it for the

We passed by Uranus to pick up fertilizer. It didn't smell very good
but we got to stretch our legs on the station and see Uranus. It's
another blue planet just like Neptune, but at least it's a lighter
shade of blue. I bought a holo-card for Mom.

There was some doubt when Cpt Colon announced we would be coming this
close to our star, but he assured us the ship received the proper
upgrades to deal with this kind of work. It's great that the Cpt
decided to ugprade such a nice old little ship like that. I was
talking this morning about it again with Kovach [T: Chief Engineer],
and he grumbled that I was taking things too lightly. I don't see why
he's so downcast about it. How many crews can say they've flown close
to the Sun?

Anyway I was really happy to hear that we're going to Dione because my
sister is on Saturn II orbiting Tethys and that's not far. So I can
have a almost real-time call with her for a change. 

##### Transcription end ####