Ship			: The Neptunian Mite
Log			: 001
Date			: 2203-10-22
Time			: 14:21:05
User			: Cpt. Fabian Colon
Ship flight hours	: 340212
Transcription		: WeiTai Systems AI 16.1
Accuracy		: 94.3%

##### Transcription start ####

Is this recording? Ah.

First log entry for The Neptunian Mite. Captain Colon reporting.

We finally launched from the Pavulin shipyards yesterday after a
lengthy refit; master Arenas owes me a crate of Uranian ale for all
that delay. Supposedly he was waiting for parts but I'm sure he just
passed newer ships ahead of mine 'cause they pay more for refits.
Anyway the port engine now works OK and comms officer Neumann managed
to arrange a launch spot on the mag-catapult just as we left the
shipyards. That saved quite a bit of time, and I breathe easy now I've
put Triton behind me and Neptune looks a lot smaller in the viewport.

I used the new StarRelay comm that was installed in my cabin to talk
with Mike. He had a leftover contract to pick up a shipment of
fertilizer from Oberon to Dione. Of course I told him it's a shitty
contract, because Uranus and Saturn are in opposition right now. But
all the good contracts are gone for the week, and our cargo space
isn't large enough for the juicier ones.

We only have 32 days left to pick up the load and do the delivery,
if we miss it I won't be able to do the repayment on the loan for the
refit of this rust bucket. Martens plotted a course for us to do that
but that takes us real close to the Sun. Of course I told them the
refit had upped our hull rating to IPX-93, which isn't true but it's
not like they can check anyway. We'll just have to pray the ship holds

I'll log another update when we near Oberon for the pick up. Computer,
stop recording.

##### Transcription end ####