Mission Log: Mission Date -1 

Reporting: Pilot Anderson 

Report: I... Uh. 

Alright, this is Pilot Anderson reporting from the Cosmic Hummingbird. 

I'm uh, I'm not good at this. I'm trying to use this voice to text 
program, like they taught us in training, but I'm uh... 

Look, I'm sorry. I know I'm not following the official format. 

I've been asleep for, god, 300 years or something? Is that right? I'm
still so groggy. 

Alright, let me try this again. 

Pilot Anderson reporting from the Cosmic Hummingbird. What a dumb name
for a ship. Sorry. Sorry. Pilot Anderson reporting for the Cosmic
Hummingbird. I exited hypersleep two hours ago, and I've been going 
through the required wakeup and rehab procedures. 

According to the computer readouts, everything is fine. Well, I'm 
fine at least. The ships diagnostics are still running. I'll know more

I can't believe that I'm fine, though. All my bones hurt, I'm
fatigued. I'm sore. My motor control is shot to hell. I can't opperate
anything more exact than the comically large buttons in the hyper-
sleep recoup room. 

The other pods seem fine, from what I can tell. Again, I can barely
stand, and my hands don't work yet. 

If I remember the briefing right I'll be close enough to normal to 
begin my duties in 3 days, and I should have made a full recovery in 
a few weeks. 

From where I'm sitting, that seems impossible. 

The rest of the crew should start waking up a few days after I return
to duty. Once I can leave this blasted holding room, I'll find out how
far off course we are, and how long it's going to take us to reach 
our destination. 

I'm sorry this log has been such a damn mess. I hope I haven't broken 
any protocol. I hope that the ship is okay. I hope that there's 
someone left out their to recieve this. 

If my hands will start working again, I'm sure I'll find out more. 

Signing off.