-.-. .- .-.. .-.. . .-. -.- -. --- .-- ... .- .-.. .-..

erm im not quite sure wher i am

Wait...there's something not quite right about that sentence.

im groggy. disoriented. not like myself. not that im sure who that
is. there are gaps in my memory.

there's this device for example, i knew i had to type C-c n n j, and i
even somehow know i should write that sequence like that that and not
for example, ctrl-c n n j. weird how the mind works.

then there's the fact that i don't remember my name

wait, there's something even more important im forgetting. i'm doing
something wrong.

Oh, proper spelling and punctuation. I remember that used to be
important to me. Guess I can be forgiven, under the circumstances.

I'm in a small room. More like a box really. I have a feeling that
it's moving. But I can't really be sure about that.

The inside of the room is rather bare. There's the small bed I'm
sitting on at the moment. There's the device I'm holding on my lap and
typing on right now. There's a toilet, a water tap, and a small locked
box. Need to investigate that lock again later. I don't have the
energy now.

I almost forgot. There's also a colorful small rug on the floor. Which
is in contrast to the rather sterile beige-colored floor and walls.

There's no food as far as I can see. And crucially, there's no
door. I'm not feeling hungry at all, but I guess that's gonna change
soon enough.

Suddenly, I feel all tired again. I need to sleep. Oh, well. its not
like i have better things to do. I'm losing hold of my punctuations
again. Need sleep.