Message Incoming...

Source Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection
γ Aquarii [Lucky Homes]
Ascension 22h 21m 39.37542s
Declination –01° 23′ 14.4031″
Distance 178.211ly
Equinox J2000.0 SOL
Year 2447, QEC adjusted

[Autotranslator enabled...]

Susan, Speaker Elect of Cheer Systems, 14th Pod
Blessed be, travelers of the verse~

Our election results are in and the crowds are celebrating their
victories and consoling each other on well run campaign losses in
equal strengths this evening. The cats, in their wisdom, have
decided that the powers-that-be in the Starbloom Communal
Distributive Projection have been doing a excellent job of it and
should continue in power with few minor interruptions. The
Dictator Elect of War, 1st Pod, will be stepping down and
a committee will be taking over as Committee Elect of Defense, 1st
Pod. We join with our feline partners in sending our warmest
wishes to Quyst Trombone in his next endeavor. We also are
welcoming a new Counselor Elect of Education, 4th Pod, Somm
Jaravangian. Somm will bring a unique perspective with their
background in non-human relations.

Our citizen participation was quite high in this election cycle
with all pods reporting at least 80% of the population providing
their input for candidates to the cats. Once again our school
systems held a get-out-the-vote fundraiser and community dance
which drew major crowds as always. I can personally attest that
the children of Wendy McdDonald's Elementary in the 14th Pod run
an excellent sock-hop. Diana's blessings be upon them.

In news from the surrounding verse we've heard and acknowledge
distress calls from several vessels as well as wake-up initiatons
from some ships just beginning their journeys. Following our
encounter with the Dekaosan people and the tribulations witnessed
on board the Melchizedek, our 14th Pod non-denominational coven
voted to create a ritual of safety and happiness upon the human
exodus. They have begun preparations which will take place over
the next 9 days, local time. The community is pulling together
big-time for this one. We have donations in spell material coming
from several other Pods including a loan of the great holy relics
of Martina McBride, may her song carry true. This incomparable
gift comes from the exhuberent generostity of the 1st Pod and
their infinite-unitarian conglomerated congregation. The 14th Pod
is setting up a special ritual hall next door to Francine's Wine
& Pastry, which is holding a special 2-for-1 sale on all
perishable intoxicants if you imbibe them during the ritual
itself. Thank you to Francine and company for that great gesture
of solidarity.

We amongst the Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection are also
begining our preparations for Yule. A seed-ship passing in-system
late last year brought news of a variant of the ancient reindeer
of Scandanavia, Old Earth. We managed to procure the genetic
material and a herd of reindeer are being grown for that festival.
According to the traditions they will be tied to a sledge and
flung through the air on the night of Yule. The cats are quite
excited about the event and a large turnout is expected.
Field-trips from several Pods are being organized to witness the

This year's Yule celebrations are also a time to welcome art into
our homes, often in the form of tragic poetry. It has been the
tradition amongst our people to celebrate the dark poetry of our
teenage youth by holding dramatic readings around the Yule log.
Families will orient their angst toward the flames and burn away
the suffering together. This year we would like to welcome you
among the stars to join us. The practice is simple:

1. Recommend to your teenagers that they compose their poetry of
   the darkest natures and haunting visions with their most
   eloquent language and imagery.

2. Gather around the Yule log together in traditional sweater and
   ornamentation and sing the songs of death and rebirth.

3. Drink the sweetened intoxicants and profess your joy.

4. Recommend to your teenagers that they stand before the group
   and perform their works in most dramatic fashion. If they feel
   they are not up to the task, recommend the eldest family member
   among you to stand in their stead and read the poems with great
   furvor and vim.

5. Other family should embrace the teenager and shower them with
   attentions and questions about these personal feelings. Then
   the poem can be tossed into the flames and everyone can sing
   again songs of death and rebirth.

6. (Optionally) drink additional sweetened intoxicants and profess
   more joy.

The response here has been just so joyous. May your own familial
blessings be as bountiful.

Finally, I have been asked by our Senior Committee on Cheese
Culture and Propaganda to ask any terran communities passing by
the Lucky Homes if you would be willing to trade bacteria. We have
an excellent collection here and are always open to expanding our
horizons in the culinary sciences.

As always and forever, blessed be.