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Source Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection
γ Aquarii [Lucky Homes]
Ascension 22h 21m 39.37542s
Declination –01° 23′ 14.4031″
Distance 178.211ly
Equinox J2000.0 SOL
Year 2447, QEC adjusted

[Autotranslator enabled...]

Susan, Speaker Elect of Cheer Systems, 14th Pod
Merry Meet to all of our friends across our beautiful 'verse~

The friendship community of the 14th Pod wish you all a blessed
election day. The cats have been in conclave now for four days and
will soon announce the human leaders that will govern our pods for
the next three years. As you know, the cat conclave is secret
affair, so we have very little information to share about the
process itself. We can only wish the very greatest of blessings
upon their efforts and call upon the spirits of Diana, Sinjorino,
and Alportas.

This is also the very first year that the Dekaosan brothers and
sisters will witness this sacred rite of the Projection. Our
children have been braiding flower garments for them and mixing
the traditional taffy in celebration. Feline festivities abound.
There are chases and races and platonic napping piles all around
the habitat. Tonight the mewling of the stars will begin at
sundown and go until midnight. What an exciting time to be alive!

We here at the Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection
recognize that many of our kin across the stars may not benefit
from the blessings of feline guidance in the ways of government
and engineering. We humbly acknowledge our privilege in this
respect. We pray that our celebrations are seen as an affirmation
of good principles and orderly life and not as a testiment of
pride at your expense. If any of you are nearby, know also that
you are welcome with us here.

Blessed be, my brothers and sisters. May the stars shine upon you