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Source Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection
γ Aquarii [Lucky Homes]
Ascension 22h 21m 39.37542s
Declination –01° 23′ 14.4031″
Distance 178.211ly
Equinox J2000.0 SOL
Year 2446, QEC adjusted

[Autotranslator enabled...]

Susan, Speaker Elect of Cheer Systems, 14th Pod
Merry meet, citizens and travelers of the wide 'verse. We greet
you all in peace with wishes of joy and harmony on this most holy
of days. It is my special privilege to welcome all of our Dekaosan
brothers and sisters to their first Beltane celebration as a part
of the Projection.

We woke this morning to baskets of fresh flowers by children
across the 14th pod. Our roads are crowded with celebrants,
lovers, and pilgrims. The festive air gave birth to music at dawn
which will continue long into the night. Our May Poles are packed
with glee!

Over the last few weeks it has been my personal honor to guide
Captain Esperon through the circles of communal life. He is such
a joy, and such a funny man. Tonight I hope to show him something
extra special unique to the Beltane celebration. May it bring our
people even closer.

Our feline bretheren have their own festivities in the nests and
towers and their mewling adds to the chorus of the day. This is
life! This is the music of living!

While we at Starbloom Communal Distributive Projection recognize
the different stellar calendars in practice throughout the Aquarii
region, all are welcome to join us as if it were May the First on
the old calendar. Welcome to Summer! May the Goddess bless you!