[initiating transmission....................GOOD]
[encoding text to speech....................GOOD]
[translating message to Common..............GOOD]
[displaying text............................GOOD]

Alright, I'm back. So, I was right, I've been promoted! I'm now officially 
Captain Craig Kennedy, Technical Class, of the Star Destroyer Lovell. My 
promotion is more than just an extra badge for my suit; it also gives me more 
control over daily life on the Lovell.

For instance, I decided to channel my inner BOFH. Some Privates were playing a 
game of American football in the rec area, so I turned off the gravsim and 
watched them try to hurriedly adjust to not having gravity. They seemed to 
enjoy it, even if it was a hassle to get them close enough to the ground for me 
to turn the gravsim back on.

So, the Lieutenant Colonel managed to break his communicator, just before a big 
training battle was to commence, and rather than tell me about it before the 
training exercise, or postpone the training exercise, he called me on a 
Private's communicator *after the exercise* to complain about me not fixing his 
communicator. Apparently, being a Captain Technical Class means I'm supposed to 
be clairvoyant. I don't remember getting future-vision recently.

Anyways, I went down, and when I saw just how badly it was broken, I was 
speechless. He had managed to physically snap the communicator in half, battle 
shell and all. He wouldn't say what happened, but one of the Privates told me 
he had shut it in a door. Many times. All because he had stubbed his toe and 
needed to take it out on something.

Needless to say, the communicator was totalled. I managed to get him a new one, 
and I warned him to be careful with it. He ignored my warnings (as always), and 
proceeded to trip down the stairs outside of my office carrying it. Karma's a 
cruel mistress.

One screen replacement later, and the Lieutenant Colonel was on his way.

Meanwhile, the Seargant finally apologized to everybody about the bridge. Only 
took him 16 hours. Imagine if he had destroyed a less-frequented area of the 
base; he might not have apologized for a year or two. Anyways, the Colonel 
finally stood up, and told the Seargant to run the drills in the battle sim or 
to not run them at all. The Seargant seemed really upset, but he couldn't 
disobey a direct order from his superior.

Anyways, I'm gonna go to sleep now. I hope to write more, later, about our 
misadventures here on the Lovell. For now, I'm Captain Craig Kennedy, Technical 
Class, from the Star Destroyer Lovell, signing off officially! Talk to you all 

[ending transmission........................GOOD]