St. Aemilian of Cogolla
Abbey Starship

To Braulius, bishop of New Zaragoza

Dear brother in the Lord, peace, charity and hope but, above all, faith. Our
pilgrimage has taken out far from the reach of any means of communication but
prayer and this QEC. We place more faith on prayer, still, we rest these words
to the Lord whoever might read them.

In our last letter we told you of the strength of our community. We remain as
strong, separated in spacetime yet in communion with all the saints. The
postullants are begining now their second year of commitment, and the novices,
but one will be admitted to their temporary vows. This is all good.

The Lectio Divina, the Mass and the Divine Office sustain us daily. Life is
simple for us monks.

We have one concern to bring to prayer, though. We have a contact from an 
alien, unidentified ship asking our assistance. While we are proceeding to
it at outmost speed we are at lost as how to ask. May God help us.

Yours, in Christ,