Sphere Monk LOG no.0003


Ego Sustaination Capsule

Distance from Earth: 10400 pc 140 au


„I” shrinks and shrinks all the time.
Time. Yes. It happened and now it inevitably exists. It passes. 
„I” is now smaller then the spherical object. 
The spherical object is a ship. A stellar raft. „I” is and is not a part of it.

I was everything and there was no need to speak. I was a whole.
As I'm being forced into a small physical prison, forced back I feel, 
I feel in need of communicating to the rest of a whole.
This is probably the only way of communicating I've been given. The only one
I found till now. Till this point in time.

I'm a point in time.
I'm a point in space.

I am tired.
What is tired?