Ben Goldstein [from QEC]: We thank you for your continued support of
the Galactic News Agency. Remember, starting with tomorrow’s
broadcast, your old QECs will no longer receive GNA broadcasts due
to the DQEC Transition. Stop by your local Galactic Tech Emporium to
buy one today. Keep in mind the free DQEC offer has already ended.

[Galactic News Agency weather song plays for about 10 seconds]

Weather Announcer: Tonight: Cloudy skies with broken clouds. Tuesday:
Clear skies and very high temperatures reaching up to 47 degrees
Celsius. Wednesday: Clear skies with higher temperatures reaching
up to 60 degrees celsius. The 7 day local forecast is currently
unavailable due to upgrades. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
A temporary weather station has been set up and is available on
the Galactic Intranet at

Announcer: This is the Galactic News Agency, brought to you by
GBS-SBN: the Galactic Broadcasting System and Summit Broadcasting
Network, in the service of the Federation. Now signing off.

[“Our Shining Federation” plays]

[Jaan Sechs leaves his lab and goes up to Ranway who is piloting the
space cruiser. “Our Shining Federation” is blasting from Jaan’s QEC
in his lab.]

Reble Ranway: What?

Jaan Sechs: You know about the thing?

Reble Ranway: What thing?

Jaan Sechs: They awarded Tomasino citizenship and residency for the QEC.

Reble Ranway: I wonder what the news guys will have to say about it.
Probably won’t be good. Do you th…

[A 1 KHz tone is heard as a deafening volume]

Jaan Sechs [shouting]: I’ll go turn it off-

[Sound fizzles out]

Reble Ranway: I hope you enjoy your QEC without sound…

Jaan Sechs: Oh damn

[Exit Jaan Sechs]

Reble Ranway [shouting to Jaan]: See if A&L Finances responded to my
message yet!

Jaan Sechs [still shouting]: No can do!

Reble Ranway [turning around to face Jaan Sechs, still yelling]: WHY?

Jaan Sechs [even louder]: I CAN’T LOG IN! NOOOOO!!! INTERNET!!!!!

Reble Ranway: We’ll have free wifi soon.

Jaan Sechs: How?

Reble Ranway: Going to meet an old friend.

Jaan Sechs: Ohhhh. I’m going back to the lab.


Jaan Sechs: There’s more in the unused pitcher I stuck in the fridge.

Reble Ranway [looking at glass]: the WHAT??

Jaan Sechs: The emergency fuel isn’t poisonous! It’s basically just
the old cooking oil with some other things. I make it in the lab
every so often. Besides, it’s not like I’ll have anything to do since
we won’t get GNA anymore…

Reble Ranway [now looking at QEC]: The federation doesn’t broadcast
over QEC anymore?

***loud “tap tap tap”***

Jaan Sechs: Stop uploading our conversations! They’ll know where we
are at!

Reble Ranway: Who’s going to pay any attention to this anyways?

Jaan Sechs: You’re right.

Reble Ranway: Of course!

Jaan Sechs: Who is James Tomasino anyways and why did he get credit
for the QEC? I thought it was invented by Juan Yin or Yin Juan, or
someone on a different ship…

Reble Ranway: We don’t know he is, let along who made the QEC. A lot
of people claim they made it. Now others are unknowingly getting
credited for propaganda purposes!

Jaan Sechs: Well then, back to the lab. I’m just gonna turn this of-