E. Grosvenor log entry t-0 Day One
I am now aboard Space Beagle in orbit.
It is not as exciting as I thought it would be.
In fact so far it's boring.
The Captain is aloof.
The crew is avoiding me.
I met a nice girl but when I started to explain
nexialism her eyes glazed over.
Maybe she was bored too.
I do have a monitor in my cabin so I can
continue my studies.
One of the problems with being a generalist
is that there's too much to learn.
So at the base of nexialism is quick learning.
Instead of reading a book I hypnotize myself
and scan the entire book in minutes.
I don't remember or enjoy the process of reading.
But I do remember all the content
better than if I had read it.
Kind of takes the fun out of reading.
But I don't have to do that.
I can read normally and I do for enjoyment.
I've been reading the World Of Null A
by A.E. VanVogt.
Interesting ideas but kind of far out.
Still I enjoy it and it's a break from
hypnotizing myself.
That girl I met, her name is KaTanne.
I wonder if she likes to read too.
Maybe I'll see her tomorrow.
Maybe after we leave orbit the crew won't be so busy.
I'm pretty sure the Captain will remain aloof.
Nexialists learn to read people pretty well.
The only person I don't understand is myself.
I probably still won't understand myself tomorrow.
I have grown accustomed to that.
There's a whole galaxy out there waiting
and I'm reading about Venus
and worried about the crew.