t+3 KaTanne Is A Pragmatist

So I ran her down in the hallway full of questions.
KaTanne, Katanne, have you read Hegel?
You're not Neo Nietzachean are you?
Do you believe The World is all that is the case?
Did Husserl eat a phenomonological briscuit?
She turned quickly and slapped me firmly across the face.
"I don't care about any of that shit!", she said.
"Come to your senses."
Thank God, I thought, she's a pragmatist.
"Sorry", I said. "I let some of the messages on the QEC get me going."
"Don't worry about that." she replied.
"We're in space. They're in space. That's why we have the QEC."
"Space can mess with your head."
"I know." I replied. "And it's been messing with theirs."
"Solipsism, Nihilism, even Realism."
"I'm fine. Nexialists are not susceptible to philosophical overload."
"We see the world as it is and we see space as it is."
"Or soon will be. The vacuum of space is subject to rapid fluctuations."
"You better come with me." she said.
"We'll go to hydroponics and dig some vegetables."
"Nothing like some dirt under your fingernails to convince you
that earth is real. Even in space."
See. She's a pragmatist.
She's beginning to get to me.
I wonder if she enjoys hypnosis.