t+1 On Our Way
We have left orbit but that's not exciting.
It seems exactly the same as being in orbit.
Unless you peer out a view port and notice the Earth is smaller.
But two things are exciting.
One is official, one is personal.
The Captain came by my cabin.
I was floored.
Never expected to see him here.
He put me in charge of the QEC.
Seems his comm guys are more like technicians.
None of them have had any physics.
As a Nexialist I have been thoroughly versed in all the sciences.
Also I don't think he really cares about the QEC.
When I inquired about my duties he said check it out and make sure it works.
When I asked what I should send he said he didn't care.
I think he's looking at it as an emergency backup.
Which it is, for the next 1000 days or so.
If he were well versed in Physics he would realize that eventually
the QEC will be all the comm we have.
So I have to verify that it's working and I have to check it daily.
I don't have any other responsibilities right now
and I have no access to the official reports so
I am going to send my log daily as a check report.
So if you are reading me please reply.
On the personal excitement front KaTanne came by as soon as the Captain left.
Either she was waiting not wanting to disturb us.
Or she was checking up on what the Captain wanted.
Or it was a coincidence.
That's logic.
But I think it was the last because she asked me about the book I was reading.
So I showed her, The World Of Null-A, by A.E. VanVogt.
That made her excited.
She said she really liked VanVogt.
Reading him gave her a funny feeling.
Like she was in the novel.
I told her that was funny.
Since many of his novels had no girls in them at all.
She said when she read his stuff she felt just like a man.
Not like a girl at all.
So I don't know if she was trying to turn me off.
Or come on to me in a weird way.
And I don't care.
I'm just glad I have someone to talk to about something.
And so now I can talk to KaTanne about A.E. VanVogt.
And I can talk to all of you out on the QEC.