+           Slantwise Convection      + Status: 3  +  Notes:     +
+                 MY: 2461            + AMS: -7,1M +             +
+               Lead Pilot Mandated Log Entry #3                 +

Arthen Damasatra making my third official log entry.

Preliminary evaluation of planetary data continues.

Second  wave of  Neumann devices'  datastreams were  incomplete and
fragmentary, requiring  delay to complete third  generation devices
initialization. Early evaluation of  this dataset indicates greater
level of completeness, and we are proceeding accordingly.

Initial   planetary  data   indicates  two   likely  possibilities,
confirming preliminary E.S.S.I. conclusions.

Evaluation of prior pass data has been completed, and computational
parameters  have  been  confirmed and  approved.  Instruction  from
CentCom (in  attached directive data) concluded  data evaluation at

Live  fire   engine  test  completed  succesfully   at  -7.15m,  no
significant anomalies

:Log ends.

+           Slantwise Convection      + Status: 3  +  Notes:     +
+                 MY: 2461            + AMS: -7,1M +             +
+                Lead Pilot Personal Log Entry #2                +

The slog continues, helped in no way by the high-handed mucky-mucks
in CentCom. The purity of  the random selection model proves itself
again, my ass.

I can't  pretend that the  failure of the  second-wave von-Neumanns
isn't troubling,  even a little.  When the datastream was  given to
us,  there  were huge  chunks  missing,  so  that meant  there  was
something "wrong"  with the  devices. Sal and  I were  worried this
meant the mineral  composition data for the system  was wrong, that
the place isn't as rich as Essi's models suggested.

Thankfully, the third-wave came on-stream  just as predicted, so we
can put  those concerns aside, for  now. The missing data  is still
missing, though,  so we'll have to  wait for the sails  to get more
complete data on atmospheric structures.

We  got the  info from  the previous  passes done,  with help  from

While doing that, it turned out  that Sal is a dead-header. She let
it slip after a particularly  annoying conversation with Bartik one
evening. We never  talked anything like this "before", so  it was a
complete  surprise  to me.  She  wasn't  involved in  the  campaign
against the  Augments, but  she was  in the  30% who  voted against
having them  on the ship. I  honestly don't know what  I feel about
this, just another part of the chaos that's all around me, I think.

I just want to  get on, get the burn done, and  move on from flying
this giant to  flying smaller simpler things. I don't  care if I do
that with Augments or without, I'm so sick of waiting.

And turns  out, I'm  not the  only one!  CentCom decided  we'd done
enough  checking of  the prior  pass data,  ordered an  end to  the
analysis, and ordered us to proceed  to a live engine check as soon
as, and  gave a bare-minimum  86 kilosecs deadline. We  ran through
the checklist in  perfect pattern, and so,  five planetary systems,
hundreds of light years later, I drove this ship (for about 5s) for
the second time.

I want to do it again. I have to do it again.

I just better get it right. No pressure.