+           Slantwise Convection      + Status: 3  +  Notes:     +
+                 MY: 2461            + AMS: -7,5M +             +
+               Lead Pilot Mandated Log Entry #2                 +

Log Begins:

Arthen Damasatra making my second official log entry.

Crew complement has now increased  to fifty, including Second Pilot
Salzen URTIV.

Evaluation of Orbital Insertion Burn  is proceeding. Pilot Crew has
been granted  access to transit  records of Crew Members  ARJEN and
TIZARA, V.O. AMA presiding and liaising with E.S.S.I.

CentCom  advises that  external  imaging will  remain locked  until
after insertion, but has released real-time telemetry data to Pilot
Crew in accordance  with standard protocols. Pilot  Crew to provide
pertinent observations to V.O.  AMA regarding all bodies, observing
disclosure protocols.

:Log Ends

+           Slantwise Convection      + Status: 3  +  Notes:     +
+                 MY: 2461            + AMS: -7.5M +             +
+                Lead Pilot Personal Log Entry #2                +

Sal is finally here! I am so relieved.

(I can't  pretend I'm not  a little  disappointed as well,  as it's
been all me the last Half-Million Seconds.)

The  amount of  work to  be  done is  building all  the time.  This
insertion burn  is the first most  important thing we get  to do as
pilots. No way we're letting Essi take this away from us!

Barty, naturally,  wants to give  everything over to  the computer,
but they're hooked up with the thing every second of existence. You
can be chatting to them about something inane, like the salt-levels
in the under-store  baffle, and they'll go  distant before laughing
at some joke the computer has spat into their hindbrain. I know the
soft glow is so much better  than the blinking light back home, but
it just adds to the other-worldliness of the whole thing.

As the lead  V.O., he still has  most control of the  access to the
computer, the Committee  can override him by  appointing a liaison,
but so  far his number  has come up  every time one's  been needed.
What he's given  us has been worth it though.  Four transits worth,
two each for Cej and Mekane.

Sal has taken 1 and 3, both Hot Jupiter passes, she's been happy to
get to work as soon as,  and there's nothing huge in either. That's
left me  with the  erratic at 2  and the last  Hot, number  4. I've
skimmed both quickly,  4 is standard field Hot, a  few decent moons
around the J, but nothing else of use in the system.

System 2 is  the real gem, though, two rockies  *right* in the ZoH,
another one  on the  margins. Would  have made a  good home,  if it
wasn't for the torrents of radiation spewing off the star. Essi and
Cej saw one  flare snake down and _lick_ B4,  an otherwise tempting
rocky  with  liquid  water  *and* geology.  No  signs  of  anything
approaching life on any of those.  Mind you, if there was anything,
it would be far beyond a pass sensor-set.

Fuel traces  are solid  in pass  2, I've  started the  flight model
based on the hard numbers, but I'll need to get the timings checked
on the  vid traces. Even though  there were a huge  number of extra
manoeuvers, there should be no problems, Cej was always a stickler,
_is_  a stickler.  Pass  4 will  be  a doddle  after  this load  of
nonsense, even if it was Mekane in the chair.

Of course, right  in the middle of all this,  the Committee decides
to involve us in the Viability  Assessments. This is just their way
of keeping control of the telemetry  data. They know we have to get
it -  can't make the  burn without it -  but they still  don't want
that information going out to such a small crew, not just yet.