+           Slantwise Convection      + Status: 5  +  Notes:     +
+                 MY: 2461            + AMS:  -8M  +             +
+               Lead Pilot Mandated Log Entry #1                 +
Log Entry Begins:

Arthen Damasatra making my first official log entry.

The ship  began waking the crew  yesterday. All is well.  The first
thirty people  have all been  successfully woken. Records  from the
interregnum show that crew members Argen and Tizara fulfilled their
roles in  inspections successfully, we  won't hear from  them until
later, but they deserve their sleep.

The fears  and worries of the  Disaster Planners have all  been for
naught,  the ship  is hale  and unblemished,  there is  no apparent
damage to the craft, the computer systems are fully functional.

The  deceleration burn  records  show that  all  went precisely  as
planned, we are on course for our final orbital insertion.

We have examined the sails in preparation for their deployment, all
is  within expected  parameters.  We hope  to  begin the  unfurling
before AMS -6M,  once we get close  enough to the star  for them to
make deployment worthwhile.

:Log Entry Ends

+           Slantwise Convection      + Status: 5  +  Notes:     +
+                 MY: 2461            + AMS:  -8M  +             +
+                Lead Pilot Personal Log Entry #1                +

Just completed the first mandated log!

I am so tired. We have been working flat-out since yesterday.

I must stop saying that! Correction:  We have been working flat out
for nearly ninety-thousand seconds. Ship time is seconds!

The ship  is dark, cold,  and quiet  - its a  relief to get  to our
designated locations, full of warmth  and light. The air mixers and
the heating  systems all worked  "within parameters" but  that just
means most places  won't kill you immediately.  Thousands of years,
Billions of Seconds, of a vacuum doesn't just end.

The others are  adjusting in various ways, I am  forbidden to write
of this in my official logs, that's for the doc and the header, I'm
just the driver! Some seem spooked about the dark. There are noises
as the ship settles into its  new mode, as the external skin slowly
begins to heat.

I talked with  Bartik, he's been reviewing the Wakers'  logs - none
of  the  systems  they  lived through  were  useful,  Scalding  Hot
Jupiters with useless moons, one  had usable planets but ridiculous
stellar  instability.  Barty says  that  the  computer claims  this
system will be our new home, 99.8% confidence.

That's  why we're  here, and  Barty is  watching videos  instead of
prepping for  scans. We don't  even know  what this system  is yet,
what constellation we're hiding in!

I  just wish  we could  see it  for ourselves.  We won't  even have
external cams for  the next three weeks - ~2M  Seconds - and that's
IF we can  get the sails out  as soon as we  complete the insertion
burn.  But  for  now  we're  flying blind,  drawn  onwards  by  the
implacability of maths and Sir Isaac's scribblings.

We are excited, but we are nervous, scared, and busy. So busy.

I'm going  to grab some  sleep, and will  send this along  with the
Mandated Log.