Hello everyone!

Thank you for tuning in for our little local broadcast. We are
very happy that there is someone actually alive. Or maybe not ? Maybe we are
just alone in an empty void drifting through the cold. Anyway, we have some
serious problems here.  Somebody sprayed "Hail HIM!" on numerous walls. This
raises some questions:
 - Who is HIM ?
 - Why he is not on our  citizens list ?
 - Is he going to pay taxes ? 

Our beloved Space Sheriff promised to take care of the situation.  I quote:
"Whoever is HIM, person, animal, ghost or god. He must attend ==Weekly
Interrogation Rendez Vous===" .  I don't even have to mention how serious our
local Sheriff is about his meetings. 

And now traffic information: We didn't meet anyone -as usual. No! Wait I
remember, yesterday we were passing oddly shaped meteor. It looked like Mickey
Mouse's face. It was smiling and not in a good way. 

Well that's all for now. Stay tuned for our next broadcast.