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Subject: RE: new computers and gyros


>>> june.lilystargazer@news.qec.net wrote:
>>>> How do you connect them to older gyroscopes? I don't think I'm going to 
change them soon.

>> luki.tealflieger@news.qec.net wrote:
>>> Change them too. 
>>> Older ones use protocols mostly incompatible with newer ones. And you 
really should change them, newer are more precise. 

> maki.sakura@news.qec.net wrote:
>> >more precise
>> Not really, depends. InterNav ones units don't drift too much, but are pain 
to align. Especially after random power loss.

>> When it comes to connecting old inertial units to new computers, you often 
need an interface card. Converter cables are scam, never go for them until you 
*really* have to. 
>> Which model do you have?

luki.tealflieger@news.qec.net wrote:
> Trust me, you don't want a rusty inertial unit to work on your ship. How
would you send an emergency message? There's a lot of mayday calls incorrectly
addressed as people use bad gyro units, people often get lost, their map
displays show garbage. 
> Maki, don't endanger others. 

>Maki, don't endanger others.
If you align it incorrectly, even the best gyro unit won't work. I've dealt
with the most of people having their gyros misaligned or badly configured 
interface cards. 

Forgot to mention, without a proper config the gyro won't work. My advice is:
Keep old computer working for some time to see if there are misalignments. 
If there are, check connections and interface. 


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