AUTHOR: Malcom D.

While traveling we got a wave from Nathan.  We will work for
a guild named "Locus Solus".  I never heard of it, so I
asked him more details.  Surprisingly he didn't know who
they are, or what they do, even though I would expect a
broker to know both parties.

I checked on the Bulletin Board of the Rendezvous, to see if
I could find any job advertisement of theirs, so I could
grasp what they do, but I could find nothing.  I've searched
for "Locus Solus" on the registered guilds list, which
covers the whole Evtry system: still nothing.

Janet thinks this is quite fishy, and I could not agree
more.  But I would trust Nathan (that old pirate!) with my
life, so I'm not worried.  Moreover, the wallet of Locus
Solus has a really high reputation score, and that's quite a

Perhaps they simply have very good reasons to keep some
information undisclosed.  If that is so, Nathan might know
what it is about, and maybe he just decided not to tell on
the wave.  I would totally understand.

At any rate, I'm going to meet him first, and he will also
participate personally in the mediation, so we'll see what
this is about.

Four Earth days and we will finally reach Rqtr.  I'm looking
forward to visit the famous market place of RDC-0, and get
out of this ship in general.  Honestly, my butt starts to be
shaped like that damn' chair.