AUTHOR: Malcom D.

It is now almost five fortnight since we left Fnynzr for
a better work and for a better life in general.

Our old friend Nathan sent us a wave just in time for our
departure.  Good news: both of us will have, indeed, a job
on Rqtr.  It is still not clear what the job will be about,
but it will be well paid, for both of us.

I'm glad Nathan made it in time.  It is quite difficult to
get a departure slot on a small outpost such as Fnynzr.  If
his wave had arrived late, we would have departed anyway,
and stayed on orbit for a little while while waiting for
it.  Feasible, but annoying.

So, Rqtr is our next direction.  The distance
between Fnynzr and Rqtr is small enough to be covered
'old style', which is both good and bad.  It doesn't
require us to sustain the expense of a wormhole, but it's
also so boring!  And definitely not long enough to justify
a cryogenic nap.

If anything I've got plenty of time to think of our son's
instruction, and even to exercise our hobbies.  Another
two fortnight and we will reach Rqtr's border.

Equipping the SVERSYL with a blue radiation filter was
expensive, but it turned out to be good idea: the journey
is quite long, and the blue radiation of Evtry would have
forced us to close all the viewports.

I'm happy because our inner garden looks super healthy,
and we get to eat some decent greens.  I'm putting in good
use Arnold's goodbye present, and I'm learning how to cook
with herbs.