AUTHOR: Malcom D.

It's not easy to make some adjustments in one's life, but
eventually I took the courage and made it.  Two fortnights
ago I resigned.  I went though all the required discussions,
and now we are finally packing up.  Our departure slot is
register for a couple of local days from now, corresponding
to 31 earth hours. The SVERSYL is almost ready to leave

I already said goodbye to a couple of good guys from my
soon-to-be-former crew, as they will work on one of the
Fnynzr moons for a while.  I will take my leave of old
Arnold: we invited him for dinner.

I've got no other friends on the station.  All those kids
can take a deserved walk on Fnynzr.  More than once I was
tempted to parametrise that crappy synthesiser in a legal
(yet somewhat unusual) way, so that it would burn
spectacularly and show how incompetent they are.  But this
would put even more stress on my good friends.

Actually I'm doing my best to leave everything in proper

Working with these components is hard.  When I started my
career as engineer, building system infrastructures was very
simple, and you could do everything in your workshop.
Nowadays you have to put a clumsy tech-suit on for any
random little operation, and I still fail to see any
advantage with this new way of working.

To overcome these limitations I invented a trick: I'm using
one of the CBQ supports to get myself close to the bus
joint.  The supports are intended for the transportation and
assembly of synthesised artifacts, but if I use them to
carry myself it becomes much easier to do the wiring.  Sure,
it is slightly dangerous, and the process is not canonical.
But as I said, quality doesn't matter anymore.

I've sent a couple of messages to some fellows and, if
everything goes smooth, both me and Janet should be able to
get a new job on Rqtr.  They need both system and
communication engineers, even though it is not clear what
they need it for.  We will figure out...