QEC Transmission Log 002
File TX 680Tbps
Author: Cpt Gatton

So we arrived safely at Aldebaran α Tauri. Ç14,000 isn't the payday we wanted but it'll do until our next run.

Kowalski contacted one of his trader buddies and procured a dozen suspension canisters so now we're rated for class
2 transports rated Highly Perishable. I'm thinking of getting some Caledonian Lilies and taking them to Earth.
They're Karelia's favorite.

Speaking of Karelia she's back er well. She's got a new face and body but it's her alright. She's not quite the
beauty I remember but she's lovely and I didn't fall in love with her face anyway (at least I tell myself that). 
She's got the same dry sense of humor and quick wit that always made me swoon. I embraced her immediately so she'd
put aside any fears that I would be unhappy with her post-molt appearance. 

Terrell was able to disembark and get some much needed R&R. I've been leaning on him hard lately. I was happy he
took the leave since usually he just locks himself in his quarters and derives new ways to increase engine
efficiency. Not exactly the most relaxing of pastimes. 

Must remember to write a letter to my brother Carlos. Damn how I wish he'd agree to join my crew.
But he's never been one for the fleet life. We should try to stop by and see him. I hear Laridia is a lovely planet.
I'll have to try and download that opera my brother told me about. He says Laridia has the best sopranos in the
galaxy and I'm inclined to agree. 

//End Log and TX//