QEC Transmission Log 001
File TX 700Tbps
Author: Cpt Gatton

So Terrell tells me I should be keeping a log. To be honest I never understood the point. But this QEC system
could come in handy in case things go sideways out here. And they eventually always go sideways.

This run shouldn't last more than a few standard days. We're making a delivery of Coronite to the Aldebarans.
Practically in Sol's backyard. Karelia will no doubt want to request shore leave to visit her family. We're
still short-handed so I considered saying no but goodness knows she could use a break from me. Plus this is her
molting season. I can't wait to see what she'll look like when she gets back. I sometimes wonder if she regrets
taking up with a human like me. I've got one face and one body for all time. I think Aldebarans enjoy the 
post-molt excitement. It must be a little like sleeping next to a new person every seven years.


Damnmit. Terrell says as much as 10% of the Coronite has already reached its half-life. This is gonna cost us.
REMINDER: Order Enigineer Kowalski to locate somewhere to purchase those suspension canisters. I thought we
could make it in time but I'm tired of getting dinged on all our shipments.