Personal log: 
Cpl. Miguel Ordóñez
Prison ship San Marcos

On the one hand, i am not surprised nobody noticed how visibly
freaked out i was last time. On the other, i'm really worried
nobody (well, almost nobody) did, because this means i'm not going
crazy. Or at least as crazy as i thought.

Ramiro knows something's up, both with me and with this ship and
the damn hold. But he can't or won't tell me about it. His
nightmares are back though... THE nightmares, after all this time,
and for no apparent reason. He looks exhausted all the time, he's
been spending more and more time away from our quarters, and when
he does come back he barely sleeps. 
He's one of the few that noticed my state and told me that "soon we
won't have to worry about things" and it honestly freaked me out
even more.

And i said "one of the few" because in the last couple of days i've
made the acquaintances of Ptes Galeano and Orellana from the hangar,
Maidana from maintenance and Sgt Jara from engineering. Listening
to them relate the events of the last week or so was like listening
to myself, relieving and frightening.

I just hope we can help each other get to the bottom of this and
maybe put things back to normal, or as normal as possible i

*** EOF ***