Personal log: 
Cpl. Miguel Ordóñez
Prison ship San Marcos

This is Corporal Miguel Ordoñez with another San Marcos NORMALCY

Things continue to be absolutely NORMAL aboard the ship. Everyone
is behaving NORMALLY and not asking any questions about the
absolutely NORMAL happenings in cargo bay 6. 
Most prisoners continue to be their NORMAL selves, too. 

Command has taken the completely NORMAL measure of coding the door
to cargo bay 6, and issued a most definitely NORMAL order of having
fully armed and armored personnel doing round the clock guard duty
at said location.

I found out about this last order the NORMAL way, after i was
almost gunned down with NORMAL prejudice. This completely NORMAL
turn of events was stopped short the moment Captain Da Silva waved
me over and gave me some very NORMAL orders in a very NORMAL way,
while looking completely NORMAL himself too.

So, as you can see everything is just great around here and i am
certainly not freaking out about any of it. i have no reason to,
after all. No cause for alarm whatsoever. No sir, not here.

*** EOF ***