Personal log: 
Cpl. Miguel Ordóñez
Prison ship San Marcos

I was only partially right. We're not turning into a science ship,
but we are turning cargo bay 6 into a lab of sorts. They had us
moving stuff in and out for almost two days now. Where is all of
this coming from? I didn't know we had this much gear on board.

Come to think of it, they probably repurposed the recreation annex
we had on the crew deck. Great, now what are we gonna do on
fridays? I suppose movie nights are off unless our gracious VIP,
the space rock decides to have us over...

I asked Samuel and Fernando but they also have no clue what's going
on. Not even Martina does, and she spends most her shifts hanging
around Ops. I even asked Alejandra but she's let her comission go
to her head, she looked down her nose at me and gave a bunch of
empty Command-speech. What a bitch! One day we're buddies and now I
don't even get so much as a nod if I salute her in the corridors.

I want to try and make sense out of all this but I'm exhausted,
Ramiro's exhausted, and it looks like I'm gonna be hauling stuff
around all day tomorrow too. I better get some sleep while I can.

*** EOF ***