Johanna is a traitor. I can't even. Let me explain this hiss'n
story and you'll suss it clear.

So my 200 was this lun, like I said. It was score raz for sure,
earnest truth. Everyone was there and I mean everyone. All my
besties and even some creeps. We danced, mum gave a speech, and
all of it was glitter proper. Anywise, I needed a powder and
I noticed Johanna skidded out somewheres, so I went to dig in and
find her. Well, find her I did, snogged up close with one Leo
Korhonen. They were swapping tongues behind the spritz cooler
barely out of sight of mum and me. Can you even?

That hissin' traitor knows I'm for Leo. I've been deep at him for
ten lun at least. Shes one of my score bodies, or sposed. But now
she's polar. I can't even. Who does that to a friend, and on her
two-hissin-hundred day? The worst part is I'm the last to suss,
apparently. Ezri didn't bat one bit when I came back crying.
Didn't offer me a shoulder neither, like it was me that skid out
on a friend. That's not oikea. It's polar as damn. What did I do?
Some friend she was.

I couldn't tell mum. She was so overmooned by the party and so
proud I couldn't fuss on it. It's not her fault Johanna sucked up
Leo's tongue like a nag harpy. Johanna and Leo skidded out proper
after and I haven't seen them since. Ezri hung about, but cold.
I wandered the party the next whiles and it blurs in memory.
Everything like a dream, but wrong and bitter. Little by little
they went. I made it through and smiled for mum until everyone was
gone. Then it was time for me.

Think I told you that I got a tram? That part's raz. Me and the
girls were skidding out to Mannerheim. We got a place up that way
already and it was going to be our own special guz. Well, I've
still got the tram and the place, but no girls. Mum sent me off
thinking I'd have my friends and be back in a lun or two, but look
at this now. I lied to mum and went lonesome.

The tram is razzy. It's just like I always wanted. I set it into
the tunnel, tapped out my way to Mannerheim, and kicked off. It's
on tunnel juice now and I've got hours and hours ahead of me in
the dark. Tram's got some lights if I want, but the glow off the
face of this pad feels more my mood. I've no idea what I'm doing,
truth be. Maywise I'll keep going past Mannerheim. Just tram it up
on the tunnels for awhile until I'm good and lost or hit the end
of tracks. Everywhere's got a a pop stand or two and I'm fab at
service. Playdream Emmi as a pop server at tunnels end mixin with
the carvers and ruggd crews. I'd be popular, score as damn server
in the land and all the miner boys would want my tables. I'd flirt
with any and all and pick one with dreamy eyes and big arms. Not
like that hiss-shit Leo. Let him have Johanna and her twiggy legs.

Hours still coming. Anywise, I should rest it. I've got a place
for a bit. Trouble it up? Later, QEC.