Home at last, home at last. That sounds bad, like I don't raz
Grandpa as damn and it's polar anywise. It's just score being
home. Friends will come by soon and we'll be off to celeb my 200.
Mum swears I'm getting my own tram, earnest truth. It's perfect.

Before we zipped back home, Grandpa was gabbing about classy guz
like this QEC node. He says it's from before his time and all the
people that use it still probably live different lives than we do.
He said you all might not even use the same words. I don't know if
I suss it oikea, but I'm digging in. Oh, that mean's I'm trying to
learn. I ran a note up to my proctor--that's like a smart person
who tells you things you need to know to grow up--and she told me
to write this like some classy--I mean ancient--book. I didn't
believe her at first, but she swears earnest truth. Anywise, I'll
try my best.

Tis the season of my birthing, an anniversary most prestigious.
Mine bosom companions shall accompany in gayest merriment to
a celebrated hall in this prefecture wherein I shall shall bask in
adulations with ebullient mirth.

Oh hiss. I can't do it. You all will just have to suss out what
I mean through my rattle guz. It's my score, ruggd.

Anywise, the shindig is this lun. Mum is lending me her 200 dress
and it fits me perfect like. Ezri is coming by thisnight to plan
my hair. I'm going red. Do you still have red there? It's razzy as
damn and Leo is going to spaz when he sees it. He has a soulcrush
for this musicwriter with red hair and won't shut his mouth about
her. This will be perfect.

Oh, Mum just came by and I told her about the old writing and she
laughed. My face is red now, like the hair will be. That means
embarrassment here, by the way. She says I did it wrong writing
the way I did, but you sussed that, huh? She said no raz or guz or
score or classy, but say it longwise, like at church. That's not
bad. I can do that.

The party will be at the council hall and we have it all to
ourselves for nextnight. There's a ceremony in the morning we'll
have to leave for. I don't know what you call it, but it's when
they cut up a little boy's wingwang. That probably sounds
barbaric, huh. Well, don't blame me. I don't do it.

Anywise, all my friends are coming, and Mum said Jacinda might
come in too since they unparted last lun and that's right raz with
me. She won't bring the insects, though. They don't travel well
and I don't think the zip would let them on. Overnextday when the
party ends Ezri and Johanna and I are taking my new tram out. Did
I tell you that part before? There's a place in Mannerheim we can
all three stay for few money and see the surface without a tour.
Mum mapped it out for me and says she'll program it in the tram so
we can sleep on the way. She's the best classy broad. She
remembers her 200 trip and wants mine to be special like that. Leo
and the boys can't come, though. (At least not in my tram. Suss?)

Maybe I'll be a natural at the sails and they'll hire me on the
spot. Can you imagine living a whole life over the surface?
Johanna says I'll get sick an toss my stomach as soon as I see it,
but no way. I've seen a vid from the proctors and it's just like
a crevasse, but above. Anywise, she'll probably toss up, not me.
She doesn't even like when the zips drop quick. Says her stomach
eats a bird. Oh, sorry, that's one of our words. They're myth
creatures that can stay in the air without a lift or engine and
move around really high using special arms that look like tram
blades. It's hard to describe.

Mum wants to know my nextups after 200 and the end of
school--learning times. I haven't told her about skidding out to
Jacinda's, and maybe the sails will call, right? I don't want to
playdream it now. First the party, then the surface, then my
future. Spöring is fine, but I think I want an adventure. Do you
know what I mean? Johanna's 200 is coming up soon and then, who
knows what we can do together.